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Gudetama NOW available at Target, Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters!

Posted by Admin

November 3, 2017

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Target, Gudetama

"Gudetama!  Gudetama! Guuuudetama!"  The most lovable, laziest egg!  If you're a fan of the little egg who can't be bothered by this modern world and wants nothing more than to sleep on toast, eggwhites, sausage pillows and warm his little yolky (adorable) butt with bacon blankets because being embryonic is soooo way better than facing it head on, then this lovable egg is for you!  One of the funniest, generational satirical narratives to hit the merchandising market.  Sanrio knocks it out of the park with humor, cuteness and a yolkish satire!  The Loyal Subjects teams up with Sanrio to bring Gudetama to a store near you!  Not only are these guys collectible (GID treatments for Target, super yolky glossiness for Barnes & Noble), there are also rare chase items, including Club 28*, a single gold Gudetama w/ a retailer's initials stamp, plus character cards and accessories!  TLS Action Vinyls Gudetama are fun, displayable, dripping in cuteness, collectible and have all the great Gudetama characteristics brought to life in a hefty 3.2" form!  Don't miss out on these apathetic, lazy eggs whose only motto is "Meh"!  

The GID items glow like nightlights!  Turn the lights off and Gudetama will guide your path so you don't kick your bed posts late at night!  One of TLS' favorite Action Vinyls releases and at three of our best Retailers; Target, Barnes & Noble, and Urban Outfitters!  G U D E T A M A ! ! !

*Club 28 - Literally means it's an edition of 28, as in, Only 28 exist!



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