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Happy New Year

Posted by Admin

December 30, 2012

The Loyal Subjects, Holidays

I'm travelling about 100 mph on a high speed train through the Northern part of France.  Reflecting on this year and dreaming about the possibilities that wait ahead in 2013.  I love this modern age in times like these.  When I was 15, I couldn't imagine the connections I would make by 38.  It's amazing.  This planet is amazing.  Being connected.

Reflections - 2012 was a big year for The Loyal Subjects.  A big year for growth, personally and business wise.  We began looking at our business in a different light.  Organization, connecting, image, vision, growth, expansion - all items we are defining.  2013 will be the beneficiary of our planning from the latter half of this year.  I finally get to accent the great properties and identities that captured my imagination; Transformers, G.I. JOE and Mr. Potato Head.  Each of these magical properties define certain periods of my life.  They are DNA, endemic, a very integral part of my creative development.  I am extremely excited about building out our brand with these fantastic characters and worlds.  
We produced a mountain of releases in 2012 - Large scale Sam Flores' Kid Dragon, Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warriors, Joe Ledbetter's Burger Bunnies, Mr. Bunny, our apparel line, Transformers, G.I. JOE, Laurie Lipton prints, Skate Decks, TLS x Coachella merchandise, art for Tender Greens restaurants, Inflatables and vuvuzelas for Diplo and Major Lazer!  Somehow I feel that we're just scratching the surface.  We travelled to the Philippines, Hong Kong and New York for special TLS events, releases and signings.  We had Sold Out releases at Designer Con.  Again, we're barely scratching the surface, that's what makes the prospects of 2013 so exciting.

What we learned in 2012 we will apply in 2013 - better customer service, a new website, more product, continuation of our high quality, limited edition collectibles, better shipping prices and increasing our brand profile so those who believe in us and those who support us can be proud to wear, follow, collect the TLS brand.  We promise to increase your experience and hopefully we can capture your imagination.
Here's to the triumphs of 2012 and here's to the growth, education and continued pursuit of being better for 2013 and beyond.  Carpe Diem.
A special thank you goes out to Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, Tara McPherson, Laurie Lipton, FriendsWithYou, Les Schettkoe, Sket-One, 123 Klan, Jon Burgerman, Jeremyville, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Erik Oberholtzer and the Tender Greens Family, Han Cholo, Truant Media, The Service Company, Royal Interactive, Guy Logan, Diplo, Mad Decent, Teamwrk Management, Melissa Fox,  Bruce Gedminas,  Jim Crawford, Brandee Leonard, Jonathan Bird, Hasbro, Elizabeth Miller, Nancy Braga, Sharon Swanson, Susan Romero, Michael Verecchia, Secret Fresh, Big Boy Cheng, Yoyamart, Stephen and Gena Gerbier, Minty Fresh, Joel and Isabelle, Giorgia Ledbetter, Colette, Jed Carter, Tony Thaxton, Merch Graphics, Emam Abed, and all of our vendors, retailers, customers, supporters, followers and family!  It takes a Village.  We are thankful.
If I don't see you in Amsterdam on the 5th then I will see you soon!  For now, it's back to the French countryside. Amazing if you think about the footsteps that have covered this land.  Unreal.  

Happy New Year.  Health, Wealth and Happiness to all of you!

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