The War wages on.  Who's side are you on?  Stay tuned for Exclusive sneak peeks only available here.  Ever had a Transformer talk, move in an extremely articulated way or be present when that incredible transformation audible pops from their body?  Transform Up.  Series 2 has a few secrets in store.  Seekers, Dinobots, sound...and more.

Did you come to the G.I. JOE Custom show this past Summer at Sub-Urban Vinyl?  If you didn't peep below.  Thank you to the good folks at Sub-Urban Vinyl, Tenacious Toys, Hasbro, the artists and of course, Les Schettkoe.  These are salt of the earth people.  Truly passionate and we're fortunate to have them as friends.  Thank you for all of your support.  Rob Lumino and Benny Kline worked hard to make this happen.  They are Saints in our book =)




BAIT is one of our best retail partners .  After developing the Transformers Universe we were talking with BAIT owner Eric Chang about doing something special, original which would blow people's socks off.  I think we nailed it.  BAIT supported the project and now it's their Exclusive.  The Silver Bullet OPTIMUS PRIME is releasing at BAIT's booth Saturday July 20th at SDCC>  Go pick one up.  Retailing somewhere bewteen $110.00-$115.00USD.  An Edition of 200.  This thing is H U G E !

Midnight on Cybertron.  Sparkling with light, guiding factions to and from strife.  As the Autobots and Decepticons struggle for power and balance, Megatron, the powerful leader of the Decepticons sits proud high up-top his fortified perch, sinking into his thrown, glowing, candescent with the power which surges through his alien metallic frame.   Glowing, reflecting the colors of night on this alien planet.   Blue.  Hungry for power, starving to conquer, to destroy everything in his path.

You've got the touch!  You've got the power!  You're a winner!  Sound familiar?  Stan Bush, baby, Stan Bush.   So who's Stan Bush?  Duh, he wrote the theme song to the Transformers Movie!  As if!  Remember Boogie Nights?  That scene where Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly booked some studio time and started recording a rock pop epic?  Well, that was Stan Bush's The Touch.  How cool is that?  Correction, how EPIC is that?  Pretty epic.

Four Score and many moons ago, myself and a fellow traveller Les Schettkoe embarked on a trip aiming to traverse the wide reaching lands of this great Country of ours.  From sea to shining sea.  From the glitterly glitz and sunbum soakers of Southern California all the way to the Clippers and Chowder slingers of New England.  We set out, mission in mind, reverse Manifest Destiny, a pilgrimage to one of our original Colonies.

I love listening to Pandora when I work.  Instead of flipping records (yeah, because I'm that old), I select AC/DC and High Voltage pours from the speakers.  Hairs standing on end.  I love ripping, distorted loud guitars.  Especially the ones played by that little Tazmanian Maniac.  Well, he's an Aussie by way of Scotland but Tazmanian sounds better, when combined with "Maniac".  So it is.  So it be.  It's that little kid feeling.  Tapping into something.

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