Four Score and many moons ago, myself and a fellow traveller Les Schettkoe embarked on a trip aiming to traverse the wide reaching lands of this great Country of ours.  From sea to shining sea.  From the glitterly glitz and sunbum soakers of Southern California all the way to the Clippers and Chowder slingers of New England.  We set out, mission in mind, reverse Manifest Destiny, a pilgrimage to one of our original Colonies.  In many ways it was a pilgrimage - The Loyal Subjects heading East to break bread with one of the great American Companies, Hasbro.  We were blank slates - open to the influence, creativity, people, environment, knowledge and hospitatlity generously shown by our Licensor.  We toured the big rooms, the small rooms, the back rooms, the underground rooms and everything in between.  From displayed to vaulted.  I dream to create an entity this prolific.   Hopefully, we're on our way.  Perhaps only .001% the volume of Hasbro but we're on our way.

Our mission - to create a narrative literalizing our efforts.  A statement involving our passions, the people behind the Transformers and G.I. Joe - their passions, a walk down memory lane and the DNA which comprises these fantastic imagineriums and Universes.  Mission accomplished - especially in the abbreviated form.  Special thank you's to Nancy Braga for being our wonderful tour guide and host, as well as Sharon Swanson, Luis Garcia, Michael Verrechia, The great People at Cake Mix (the Studio who put this piece together), Joshua Lamb, John Warden and of course Les Schettkoe.  I hope that you all enjoy =)