We're rooting for you!  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and lost loved ones from the Boston bombings.  Another sensless act.  It's amazing the great things we can do.  We can build planes that fly around the world, explore space, enrich people's lives, live symbiotically with the trillions of other living things and creatures on this planet, enlighten and eduate ourselves and others, nuture what needs to be nutured, change the course of history, go beyond ego and id, express the purest of benevolent feelings.  We truly are great.  That's why it's tragic when random acts of violence happen...wars, discourse, destruction, senslessness.  We're rooting for you Humanity.  We know you're in there.  Compassion, love, understanding, compromise, healing, enlightenment - we know you're in there.

We feel the great gifts and energy that we were blessed with.  We all have it.  We're all a part of a great living thread and it is precious, it's delicate, it's rare and it's the greatest of gifts.  This great thread spans the universe and we are conscious beings with the ability to be great, do great and live a life worth living.  We need to love.  We need to support each other.  

It breaks my heart seeing the young boy who was cheated out of his life.  He was only 8.  Staring at his picture, I could only imagine how great his future would be.  He would have had a rich life.  A person with purpose and plenty of compassion.  You can see it in his eyes.  He was magic.  The world will never know this boy as a man.  He was robbed.  His great gift was stolen from him.  Enough.

Boston, we send our love.  You are great people in a great city.  You are our brothers and sisters.  We love you.

- The Loyal Subjects

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