Hot Topic DBZ Exclusive!

Hello DBZ Fans and Collectors!  Another exclusive set is hitting retail.  Hot Topic's Exclusive packout from DBZ is available now!  Very limited in availability and includes THREE NEW CHASE Figures, including; Metallic Krillin (1/96),  Metallic Super Saiyan Vegeta (1/48) and Neon Vegeta Club 28!  A single Gold Super Saiyan Goku with official stamp, plus two prototypes are also hidden in the packout!  This will be collectors first shot at Gohan too!  Shenron Build-A-Figure is also hidden inside the 12 count Power Pak!  Ok, enough of the exclamation marks and superlatives, I'm getting a little too excited here.  In all seriousness, the TLS Action Vinyls DBZ collectibles are next level - the only 3.2" figure in a box like it.  These figures include 12 pts of articulation, Dragon Ball accessories (collect all 7!), a Shenron Build-A-Figure, Collector Cards, interchangable hands with different grips plus rare chase figures to trade with friends.  This is a TLS favorite and destined to be a famed and classic TLS Action Vinyls series.  Once it's sold out, it's gone.  We had a great time making the series, hopefully you ae enjoying it with equal passion.  Don't forget to visit your local Hot Topic for the exclusive items!

Hot Topic DBZ

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