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Hot Topic Exclusives! Street Fighter + Attack on Titan!

Hot Topic is one of our favorite retailers!  They also stock a healthy selection of TLS Action Vinyls and they have one of the best Action Vinyls exclusive programs on this green earth!  The Hot Topic x TLS assortments are usually metallic (more flashy and expensive to make), are loaded with accessories, have plenty of hidden Easter Eggs (Club 28 + Rare Chase items), are very low edition runs (outside of Club 28 some 1/96 Editions are sub 100) and have all the great story telling features you have all come to love about Action Vinyls!  It's all about Army Building and how better to build an army than with a 1/24 Build-A-Figure/Titan Eren and Annie!  You can find two components of either figure in random blindboxes.  If you get the matching components then you get to build a kickass Titan with insane sculpt details!  Not only are the sculpt details next level, the posability is A W E S O M E !  If that's not enough, the GID Paint on Annie glows like a torch in the night sky!  And the Metallic paint on Eren is next level!  TLS is ALWAYS the first to do these off script metallic colors, making the collectibles sooooo unique!  Flocked hair, Club 28 metallic treatments plus your favorite heroes and villains from AOT are all present and ready to report for duty to protect their city from the tyranous and cannibalistic man eating Titans!  Do not sleep on this series.  The details are next level, including the multiples swords, the detailed 3D Maneuvering gear, brooms/mops for the "Cleaner Editions", detailed and highly rendered eyes, and of course all the sculpted nuances - this series is C L A S S I C !   Get yours while the gettin is good!  Retell your favorite AOT scenes - maybe it's a love story?  A horrifying story?  A bonding and team work story?  Be the writer and director in your own Action Vinyls movie!

If that ain't enough, let's talk about Street Fighter!  One of the ALL TIME favorite arcade games.  Many a folk had dropped a small fortune of quarters and spilled a swimming pool of Big Gulps on the Street Fighter machines, just so they too can be CHAMPION!  ROUND 1!  FIGHT!  There aren't too many games as iconic as Street Fighter and its breath of ready and willing players who can't wait to unleash secret powers and dispose of their opponents in a dramatic "KO" fashion!  Travel around the globe and fight creatures, giants and skilled fighters who are all wanting to take a crack at the Title!  Your Title!  Hot Topic's Street Fighter does not disappoint!  Once of the best packouts with some of the most elusive characters; Mech Zangief (1/48), Purple suited Chun-Li (1/96) and a Desert Camo Guile (Club 28!)  Hadouken!  Shoryuken!  Even Guile comes with a removable Hurricane Punch!  Check the gray/black chain on Blanka or the Gold or Yellow stilings on Vega!  Easter Eggs all over the place!  This whole packout is bananas collectible and all super low edition!  Packed with knee articulation, tons of posability, accessories and of course, collector cards!  If you're an Action Vinyls fan and you haven't picked up this packout then you are missing out my friend!  Get it while the gettin' is good!  FIGHT!  Let's see who's left standing in your Street Fighter Action Vinyls story!







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