How To Train Your Dragon Sneak Peek!

I feel like I'm 1000 miles behind of blog posts.  Instagram has been our visual narrative but we have to connect back to our writing tools to plug in the details.  The last 8 mos have been insane - we've been overseas for much of it, producing our new lines, pushing new licenses into various stages of development, getting ready for our Hastings releases, for our SDCC releases, getting ready of our Fall rleases and the many releases stacked up for Holiday.  These last two years have been bonkers!  I wish I had one of those animated flip books that could tell that story in 30 seconds but I think many of you get the point once peeping in on our Instagram.  

Ramblings aside, the fruits of our labor on the development side are coming to fruition.  That's what brings us here fo our first Sneak Peak of Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon!  This is one of our favorite animated features - pulls all the right notes; a boy and his loyal dragon, the development of their relationship as they grow together, through diversity and stages of their own personal developments.  Reminds me a whole lot of myself and my Staffy Zoe.  These collectibles are beautiful and are packed with features.  The Dragons have 13 points of articulation, sound and LEDs which are triggered when you open the Dragons' mouths.  In the case of Tootless, his mouth glows blue, imitating his blue flame.  The humans are as intricate, boasting 9 points of articulation, several accessories, including helmets with very custom sculpted features.  Great 3.25" ACTION VINYLS.  There are 5 dragons to collect and 6 humans.  Targeted shelf date is Nov 1st, 2015 at your favorite stores, including Hot Topic, B&N, BAM, Hastings and more!  You can see the prototypes this SDCC at booth #5050!  Swing by, take some pictures, and share with your friends =)

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