Instagram Army Builder Contest

Winner!  Winner!  Chicken dinner!

The call went out, the Army responded.  “Show us your Armies!” cried Lt. JC.  From the left bunker a response to the call, “Here they are!  We’re marching on you now!”

One of the fun, playful, ultimately tactical aspects of the TLS Action Vinyls experience is the Army Build!  A big bonus from the 2/12 ratio, aka “doubles”, it’s a quick way to build up your armies or create enough trade currency for another desired AV collectible.  “Hey Jonny, I’ll give you 1 Rod Carew, 1 Brian Downing, 1 Reggie Jackson, for that Wade Boggs rookie card, deal?”  Sound familiar?  For those who collected baseball cards, certainly!  I see it all the time, “Hey Ryan, I’ll give you a White Walker, a Red Ranger, 2 Gokus, and a Guile for Teela!”  Having a bullpen of doubles is currency, even more so when taking on the master TLS army builders!  Some legendary builds, as was first witnessed at Bean Jam last year.  Congrats to Ray for his army of Skull Man’s…those shiny white domes provided an extra luminosity to the innards of BB Kings banquet rooms.  What a site!

The Action Vinyl experience is community; how we collect, trade, show and tell, enjoy, share passion, get excited, relate to one another, find common ground, bond with one another…and oh yeah, getting our hands dirty in the backyard, pretending, imagining, doing all the great creative serotonin stimulating exercises by telling story, suspending disbelief, and letting go.  Our happy place!  And much like driving that shiny supped up model T to the local hang, showing off your hobby with the rest of the like minded passion players, the Army builders are the King and Queens of the TLS AV culture, to be celebrated, to be “wow’ed” by, to aspire…to kick some major collectibles arse!  There is little that is more fun than building legions of heroes to take on legions of villains, a modern monster mash like two ships crashing into each other’s hulls…nothing more gratifying than slamming two Action Vinyls together in a bout of “Take that!” or recreating the “Long Night”.  Wow, that was stressful, not going to lie.  I turned to my girlfriend, said, “There’s still an hour left, I don't think I can take it.” 

To the Army builder masters, I tip my hat, and salute you!

Enough of the prologue, let's get to the winner!  In first place, and winner of a choice TLS prototype….drum roll pleeeeeaaaase!  Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr!

Wait, what’s this?!  A tie?  Well, I guess you both win prototypes!  Congratulations to Melody Fox, and Zachary Jones!  Please email [email protected] to collect your prize!  We’ll need your mailing address with the email.  Reference “Instagram Army Builder Prototype Contest”. And we’ll take care of you!  Tell them JC sent you!  Happy Army building, I can’t wait to see new armies flourish around the TLS Shores!  Stake your claims, get ready to march…at dawn!


The Loyal Subjects My Little Pony

The Loyal Subjects Beast Man


Honorable and noble mentions!

The Loyal Subjects Game of Thrones

The Loyal Subjects Lion-O

The Loyal Subjects Power Rangers

The Loyal Subjects Faker

The Loyal Subjects Mega Man

The Loyal Subjects Mega Man