If you're going to maliciously take over the world you should do it in style.  Starting to think Destro and Cobra Commander were frequent shoppers at some very exclusive French Couture clothiers.  Where else can you purchase a sweet, slim cut tight leather suit, personized with some very nuanced details?  Or killer super villain belts and buckles with menacing capes?  These dudes were on the inside.  They had a pension for bling.  So much, they melded their faces in gold boullions.  This nifty, exlusive and extremely rare 3" 2 pack will go for a cool $25.00.  Only 500 made (that's it folks).   We've geeked so hard on this two pack that someone literally had to come and take it away.  The detail is killer.  I love this set like I love an amazing burrito at the best Mexican Food restaurant in LA.  That is Love.  L O V E.  Love.  Get it.  San Diego Comic Con Exclusive releasing Friday July 19th from 3-4p.  We'll have some quantities available on the web too so check back on our store.  Les Schettkoe, mini series Designer, will be on hand signing.  See you Friday afterboon at Booth #5645!

In case you didn't know, The Loyal Subjects made this.  Under License from Hasbro, Inc.