We've had a great start at Walmart.  Thanks to you we've had top 25 items in Boy's Action Figures and Construction.  That is HUGE!  The Walmart Exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers "The Movie" Exclusives are hot!  Very limited supplies are left but perfect timing!  The Power Rangers Movie releases tonight in a theater near you and there's no doubt you'll fall in love with the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers!   These Three Rangers have Metallic treatments and are ONLY available at Walmart!  Also Exclusive to Walmart are the fan favorite Black and Gold Zords; Saber Toothed Tiger, Triceratops and T-Rex!  Each of the Black and Gold Zords are rare beyond rare!  The T-Rex is a 1/96 Chase, the Saber Toothed Tiger is a 1/48 Chase and the Black and Gold Triceratops is a Club 28 Chase!  What's Club 28?  It means there are ONLY 28 in existence!!  Accompanying the Zords are Mini Drivers with removable helmets and remarkable detailed deco!  These guys are as small as your pinky nail!  The Rangers come with their signature weapons and removable helmets!  Also included are Rare Collector's Cards!  These Rangers are loaded with Awesomeness!  Don't miss out on this highly collectible, epic line!


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