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Over on Instagram we're playing Bunny Bingo, and giving aw

I Love these animatics Joe puts together.  Congrats to Joe for seeing his hardwork through, and thank you Tony Thaxton for writing this deliciously cute song.  Let's party!



Woot, woot!  Bet you never thought you would see the day, eh?  Well, here it is, here we are and we're two peas in a pod - stoked out of our minds on what we created and what we want you to collect!  We're in this together - Amos and Andy, Charles and Bucky, Jack and Larry, Spanky and Alfalfa - we do this because we love it and we know, at least hope, you love it too.  That's why we are Vinyl Blood Brothers and Sisters.  

I love this little tune almost as much as I love the Mini Chaos Bunnies.  Just saying.


If you've never met us, we may seem completely ubiquitous.  But we're not.  We're real.  We are passionate people and we are creative people and we want to blow your socks off!



Stay tuned to our blog.  A new update each day =)

Who needs words when there are moving pictures?  Take a peek!


Joe Ledbetter signing at Meltdown Comic from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Zombie Bunny (#9).  It's great to be alive but not dead alive.  This poor fella met his demise when he was infected with the dreaded Zombie plague.  His beautiful pelt has decayed and turquoised.  He has a worm who bored through his skull, making this bunny's once vibrant brain home to his own private eatery, and occassionaly pops out to greet the world with  an effervescent smile.  This bunny only has own thing on his swiss cheese looking brain.  And that's MORE BRAINS!  Yours, mine, our pets, our friends.

Wha, What?!  Astro Zombie Bunny?!  That's right folks, we're getting gangrene on you.  Astro Zombie Bunny style.  Brains!  Brains!  Brains, I tell you!  Also some radioactive gooey green goop oozing from this poor zombified Bunny's skull.  He is delicious!  Edition of 300.  150 Goopy Zombies will be available at SDCC from The Loyal Subjects Booth #5645 Saturday, July 20th from 1-2p - coinciding with a signing by Joe Ledbetter.  A raffle will be held 1 hour before.

So it begins.  The world of leaks as we enter the next 2.5 weeks, heading to the fruits of all heavenly collectibles, San Diego Comic Con.  The Loyal Subjects are packed for the duration - 6 Exclusives.  One pictured here by one of our favorite artists and collaborators Joe Ledbetter.  A brilliant illustrator and a thoughtful creator.  The Ghost Pirate Bunny.  His former self, the Pirate Bunny had lived a dangerous, lecherous and salacious life.  Now he's doomed to haunt the bows of unsuspecting ships for eternity.

ARRRRG Ye' Matey!  If yer' "yella bellied" then this edition to Joe Ledbetter's Chaos Bunnies series will have you running!  Complete with a gold tooth, an eye patch and a swash buckling sword, this terror of the high seas is a force to be reckoned.  Addition #7 to the Chaos Bunnies Series.

Chaos Bunnies!  Spring is here and with the effervescent renewal and the stretching of the loins sort of speak so goes the thaw of the cold winter months.  Not before our last frozen fella has hopped feverishly out of the tundra and into the warm months of April.  Unfortunately, it might be too late.  The Snow Bunny has merged with the permafrost and carries it's eternal icy blue coat.  Forever an addition to the glacial landscape.  But alas, he has drifted far enough to meet YOU at your warm embrace.

Ni Hao!  That's a grand ole Mandarin Hello to all the good folks out there.  Especially those reading the blog.  Right now, I would love to say I was writing this atop a beautiful Peking Mountain Peak, in one of the upper stratosphered guard lookouts connecting the winding trails of the Great Wall.  But alas, no.  This is not true.  I am sitting in a Business Center deep inside the flanks of a Beijing Hotel which also features a Plastic Surgery Center.  Plastic Surgery and Hotels?  Why not.


Jan 5th.  Amsterdamn.  Minty Fresh.  Get it.
Following up on the madness of a 24 hour Bunny love fest!
This Wednesday, Noon PST at

Also, check with your favorite retailers for availability -
BAIT, Yoyamart, Rotofugi, Minty Fresh...and more...

Ships before Christmas.

Wow, did that just happen? Did Elvis really leave the building? Did we start the morning with almost 100 Lava Bunnies and end up with a bunch of empty boxes, some crusty donuts, a lot of hand shakes and a bunch of smiling faces? I think so. I'm pretty sure that just happened. Nice. That feels good.

Stay tuned...Nov 3rd. Pasadena.

Mega is a misused term.  Mega this, Mega that.  Mega Savings.  Mega Cola.  Mega Mart.  Enough of Mega already.  Until, Mega is used properly, intuitively, sparing, for the exact moment where the letters M E G A actually mean something when pronounced.  It's as if you're almost afraid to say it.  Just a whisper will do.  With the right intent, Mega conjures Mega.  What is Mega?

There's something to be said about art meeting appetite.  I believe this to be true for this particular project.  The whole twisted idea converging several points of cognoscente imagery, creating an interpretive narrative, all the while maintaining this unique delectably appetizing and fascinating art d'object.

The Loyal Subjects would like to personally thank Kidrobot and their superstar team of experts  for their efforts, support and diligence. 
Hey hungry folk!  Especially  those who are looking for some protein substitutes apart from our beloved animal kingdom - boy, do we have the right patty for you!  Introducing the 12" tall, stackable Veggie Burger Bunny!  Exclusive to Kidrobot and only 40 of the

Spring is upon us. I love Spring. It's a prelude to Summer. Summer is my favorite season. I couldn't imagine a world without summer - the renewal of life, the radiant sunshine, pool parties, surf trips, beach days, long days, warm nights... What fun. What memories.

I started in music.  I played drums for nameless bands.  Seemingly forever.  But a "fun" forever.  Eventually, after a day of
When I was a kid, maybe three or four years old, I had these full length heather blue Mickey Mouse Club pajamas (with footies and all - possibly even the t
Piecing together a t-shirt line embiggens the same spirit, similar in approach, in creating probabilities and permutations with a set of unassigned numbers
Here's to a posthumous post.  It's not as though I intended to post news past it's newsworthy, "in the moment" date.  I sup
It's a new year.  We have over a dozen projects in the cooker right now.  Here's a quick little list: 

Analog Playset and artist Joe Ledbetter are proud to announce the release of the terrific 2-figure set &q

Here's a few pictures from our booth at the 2010 DesignerCon taken by our good friend Raf aka Kards1!

We are proud to announce the release of 

Find Joe Ledbetter's Pico & Wilshire! Pico goes for the kill - Help save Wilshire! How?

Joe Ledbetter's Pico & Wilshire is coming soon, don't miss out on this prehistoric pair!

Magnus was spotted on the streets on Los Angeles!


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