Wow.  Time flies.  I swear it was June 28th two days ago.  It came and went.  So did my birthday.  Stop the train for a second so we can catch our breath...Please.  Ugg.
June 28th - A magnificent, irruguous New York summer day (and night).   Heavy on the heat, heavy on the perspiration.  We were fortunate to escape to the loose partying, stimulate atmosphere of the ever so cool, hip and chic grasps of the Meat Packing District's Yoyamart.  Libations o' many.  Prosecco flowed like infinite vases dripping from processions dedicated to the bacchanal.  Guys, girls, kids, parents, hipsters, fans, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Jamaicans, Philippinas, Englishmen and the like kicked up their heels, batted down a few menacing 5 foot tall inflatable Burger Bunnies and let loose in celebration.  The occasion?  Why, Joe Ledbetter of course!  Making a rare New York appearance.
It was a party.  A signing.  A good time.  Had by all.  Dig?!
Beyond booze, laughter, music and friends, Yoyamart displayed a fanciful cornucopia of very in demand Joe Ledbetter merchandise.  Namely, the Burger Bunny inflatable (sand weighted base and 7 lbs!), a selection of limited edition Joe Ledbetter shirts (available at Yoyamart - go get em!) - including Fire-Cat-Zilla, Ringo Bear, Batman and Burger Bunny tees for kids, men and women!   Other limited edition TLS x Joe Ledbetter product was made available.  Rumor has it, Yoyamart has an exclusive edition of 50 print.  Wha?  Woot!  We even saw a single sighting of the original Secret Fresh Exclusive Burger Bunny from TLS!  It went faster than those dodging the magnificently fantastic surging heat waves.  Yoyamart has a rich selection of Joe Ledbetter and TLS products.  You should stop in.  Word on the street is, Yoyamart is a celebrity hotspot for a few well known silver screen shoppers and day trippers.  Maybe you'll run into someone you know?
A sincere HUGE thank you to the wonderful owners of Yoyamart and their generous and patient staff.  We love you!

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