Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects – Pico and Wilshire

Here’s the very first look at Pico and Wilshire, the new prehistoric figure set from Joe Ledbetter. Named after the LA streets that cross what was once the natural habitat of the Sabretooth Cat (Pico) and the Wooly Mammoth (Wilshire), this set finds Pico learning first-hand that taking down Wilshire is not going to be as easy as he or his stomach might have hoped.  The scale of this struggle is impressive with the  massive mammoth standing a towering 12” tall and the embedded Pico measuring out at nearly 6”. 
Joe’s dramatic yet humorous design is complimented nicely by the deco which features his trademark black outlines across both Pico and the wide-body Wilshire. This set nicely maximizes the possibilities of the 3D medium with Pico’s sharp teeth and Wilshire’s large tusks and trunk. 
Limited to 415 pieces, this OG colorway of Pico and Wilshire will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, July 7th for between $155 - $160 and will ship in Mid

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