There's something to be said about art meeting appetite.  I believe this to be true for this particular project.  The whole twisted idea converging several points of cognoscente imagery, creating an interpretive narrative, all the while maintaining this unique delectably appetizing and fascinating art d'object.  Be it deliberate, serendipity or just a beautiful coincidence, we believe Joe was able to touch on real key chords of human pathos on this bad boy.

I personally would love to eat the screen every time I see this image.  It's amazing how powerful those Pavlovian concepts are.  Joe was able to combine a perfect color pallet to sync beautifully with this unique concoction.  Yum!
All these superlatives and adjective driven jargon aside, this one is a bute and we only made 25!  Available for $500, standing 13" tall with interchangeable layers and packaged in a beautiful wood box, with a foam bedding and a silk screened top.  It doesn't get much better.  I'm thinking these guys will move faster than glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme in store give-away.  I hope that many of you can complete your collections now!  Enjoy =)
Available - Thursday, Sept 13th at NOON PDT @
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