Piecing together a t-shirt line embiggens the same spirit, similar in approach, in creating probabilities and permutations with a set of unassigned numbers.  Which design, which shirt cut, which sizes, etc.?  Logarithmic.  Having good designs encourages the process.  When approaching a line we consider the most important aspects; Do we connect to the images?  Is this the shirt that I would wear?  Does this shirt feel good?  In the case of Joe Ledbetter, there are very few images that we don't connect with.  Joe has a rich character narrative in a fantastic world - a world generalizing, emphasizing and exaggerating human qualities focused in a playful anthropomorphic universe.
Joe's designs are perfect for this basic canvas.  
Our t-shirts are the outfitting bridge from the shelf, floor, wall and ceiling of your collection, in your living spacing.  We hope that you think so too.  TLS and Joe Ledbetter are proud to present the first of the Joe Ledbetter designs, available now on FAB.COM for $22.50 a shirt, both Men's and Women's.  As an added bonus, we have included a reusable aluminum water bottle (for you eco conscious heroes) for only $16.00.  The sales ends Sunday so happy shopping and thanks for the support!
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