Original Illustration LOVE BITE - Charcoal and Pencil on Paper.  137cm x 96cm, 2002
Mark Parker - CEO NIKE
- "Laurie Lipton's incredible drawings are mesmerizing blends of scale & detail, horror & humor, fantasy & reality.  Laurie uses her passion for the pencil, immense skills & tremendous imagination to bring her very personal visions to life in deeply compelling & richly detailed compositions."
I met Laurie Lipton through a mutual friend (thank you Sean Sorensen).  I was familiar with her meticulous and masterful pencil drawings.  Mind blowing.  You can calculate all adjectives when describing Laurie's renderings; patient, confident, deliberate, soft, hard, fluid, coarse, intense, illuminate, disciplined, unwavering, free, hysterical, horrifying, honest, enlightened, transformed, comedic, absurd and existential.  Her work has been shown all over the world and frequently finds its way to the homes of several prestigious collectors - like the one who was kind enough to lend a quote on Ms. Lipton.
I thought it would be a great idea to work with Laurie - work on something more achievable, more attainable to a wider range collector, however, still maintaining its collectability and hopeful appreciation.  The original Love Bite sold for tens of thousands of dollars - I wanted to present an option that was under $300 but had the same feel as an appreciating art multiple.  Thus, the Love Bite print.  The print is 24" x 34" (BIG).  The giclee is printed on archival rag paper, each hand signed and numbered by Laurie Lipton.  Only 213 are in existence. 
About the print:  The image might be jarring but its intent is brilliant.  Playing on the age old Grimm's-esque Tale - "You're so cute, I could just eat you!"  I'm sure that every child had an aunt that said that.  This is a fantastical literalism, although laced with humor and intense observation (look at the nails on 'ole granny)!  Everything is very deliberate, and in the throws of preemptive drama, creating unique narratives to whomever is viewing the piece.  The juxtaposition is the satire.  
Available for $199 HERE.  It's worth it.

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