The Loyal Subjects - New York Toy Fair 2017

Leaving Hong Kong, on a big ole Jet Plane, thinking about my home!  Not quite sunny LA, but my next favorite City, NEW *bleepin* YORK!  We're coming for ya'!  We, meaning, TLS and we are bringing fire!  Sneak peeks of our Summer and Fall lines (sure, many of you can guess - something about a Cat who is Thunderous, another about an Alien or Aliens, and another about a Man who is Mega!).  We have big 40' profile, showing off current lines and new lines.  The things Action Vinyls dreams are made of!  If you're in town and you have a ticket to the show, come visit us, we're booth #6943!  We would love to see you!  Here's to the Big Apple and the biggest year in TLS history!

Also, check out a rare glimps beyond the 4th wall at TLS HQ!


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