The Loyal Subjects x Street Fighter IV

The Loyal Subjects x Street Fighter IV

Earlier this year our designer Rafael Santos ( had the honor of working with Capcom to design a 20th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet.

The cabinet was showcased at a secret star studded Street Fighter IV release party at The Geffen Contemporary at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA.

Thanks to Rafael our logos were included on the Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet!!!!

Here are a few pictures from the event....

We arrived early and found this beauty, time to go to work.

But first a look around this amazing space.

Let's wrap this one up Kards1 style.

The cabinet is set in place and ready for some game play, here comes the crowds.

There were 1000+ people waiting in line for hours....

The stars from the Street Fighter movie were in attendance and stayed longer then the movie did in theaters.

Game on....

Thank you again to Rafael and John D from Capcom for making this happen.

Hadouken!!!!!!!!!!!! TLS Style

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