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If you are within 1000 miles of the Legendary Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA you should be at our Transformers Trading Party right now!  Whoop Whoop!  Here's the Scoop - it's hosted by TLS' own Jamie and Eamon.  The rest of the skinny?  Free drinks and snacks, friends, trading, 2 fer 1 Blindbox purchases from 5-7p, 2 fer 1 Tees 5-7p, fans who pull chase figures get a FREE Blindbox, a surprise appearance from the Transformers and G.I.

Who needs words when there are moving pictures?  Take a peek!


Joe Ledbetter signing at Meltdown Comic from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Zombie Bunny (#9).  It's great to be alive but not dead alive.  This poor fella met his demise when he was infected with the dreaded Zombie plague.  His beautiful pelt has decayed and turquoised.  He has a worm who bored through his skull, making this bunny's once vibrant brain home to his own private eatery, and occassionaly pops out to greet the world with  an effervescent smile.  This bunny only has own thing on his swiss cheese looking brain.  And that's MORE BRAINS!  Yours, mine, our pets, our friends.

"More than Meets the Eye!"

Hey everyone North of this beautiful American/Canadian border - go check out Mindzai tomorrow!  They're throwing a party, a trading party and it's going to rock.  If you haven't picked up our minis, now's the time.  They are delicious and they have some epic chase pieces.  Some selling on EBay for $150.  No kidding.  Just as surprised as you but how cool is that?!  Here's the link from Mindzai's blog.

We're mental.  Clearly.  Super mental - lock us up, throw away the key, stick us on an island and toss coconuts at us all day - mental.  We have 8 different Exclusives for this SDCC.  E I G H T.  Hurts just to say it.  So ritcheous.  We go the extra mile to stoke you out.  We want you to be so stoked on TLS, so stoked you'll have permagrin.  So stoked that it actually makes other people smile.  People will stop you at work and say "Hey, I really dig how stoked you are!

If you're going to maliciously take over the world you should do it in style.  Starting to think Destro and Cobra Commander were frequent shoppers at some very exclusive French Couture clothiers.  Where else can you purchase a sweet, slim cut tight leather suit, personized with some very nuanced details?  Or killer super villain belts and buckles with menacing capes?  These dudes were on the inside.  They had a pension for bling.  So much, they melded their faces in gold boullions.

BAIT is one of our best retail partners .  After developing the Transformers Universe we were talking with BAIT owner Eric Chang about doing something special, original which would blow people's socks off.  I think we nailed it.  BAIT supported the project and now it's their Exclusive.  The Silver Bullet OPTIMUS PRIME is releasing at BAIT's booth Saturday July 20th at SDCC>  Go pick one up.  Retailing somewhere bewteen $110.00-$115.00USD.  An Edition of 200.  This thing is H U G E !

The Press release is so good, I'm going to roll with that.  Sunstorm has a crazy story.  He's pretty Bad A_ _!

Sunstorm -

Be there or be Sq.  - 6 Exclusives - wha, wha! 


Thurs. July 18th (first day)

Midnight on Cybertron.  Sparkling with light, guiding factions to and from strife.  As the Autobots and Decepticons struggle for power and balance, Megatron, the powerful leader of the Decepticons sits proud high up-top his fortified perch, sinking into his thrown, glowing, candescent with the power which surges through his alien metallic frame.   Glowing, reflecting the colors of night on this alien planet.   Blue.  Hungry for power, starving to conquer, to destroy everything in his path.

You've got the touch!  You've got the power!  You're a winner!  Sound familiar?  Stan Bush, baby, Stan Bush.   So who's Stan Bush?  Duh, he wrote the theme song to the Transformers Movie!  As if!  Remember Boogie Nights?  That scene where Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly booked some studio time and started recording a rock pop epic?  Well, that was Stan Bush's The Touch.  How cool is that?  Correction, how EPIC is that?  Pretty epic.

Wha, What?!  Astro Zombie Bunny?!  That's right folks, we're getting gangrene on you.  Astro Zombie Bunny style.  Brains!  Brains!  Brains, I tell you!  Also some radioactive gooey green goop oozing from this poor zombified Bunny's skull.  He is delicious!  Edition of 300.  150 Goopy Zombies will be available at SDCC from The Loyal Subjects Booth #5645 Saturday, July 20th from 1-2p - coinciding with a signing by Joe Ledbetter.  A raffle will be held 1 hour before.

Four Score and many moons ago, myself and a fellow traveller Les Schettkoe embarked on a trip aiming to traverse the wide reaching lands of this great Country of ours.  From sea to shining sea.  From the glitterly glitz and sunbum soakers of Southern California all the way to the Clippers and Chowder slingers of New England.  We set out, mission in mind, reverse Manifest Destiny, a pilgrimage to one of our original Colonies.

"Bleep blurp blop bloople deep bloop".  This is either the sound this beautiful and colorful polka dotted creature makes when you bop it, or it's the language spoken by the creators of FriendsWithYou.  It could be both.  I've had full conversations with Sam Borkson (1/2 of FriendsWithYou) using this sort of "Mork from Ork", techno-challenged super alien robotish like speak.  It's fun.  It's all in the cadence and the exageration of your "oops", "bleeps" and "eeps".

When I was a kid I had visions of owning awesome Optimus Prime shirts.  I didn't get one.  I did get a Lakers shirt and most likely a Gotcha shirt.  Both repectively cool.  However, if my karma was clean in a past life I probably would have been handed an awesome Optimus Prime shirt with a large Batman-esque onomatopoeia sceaming "BOOM" across the chest.  That would satisfy me.  Now, as an adult, it does satisfy me.  I'm not waiting anymore.

In the great tradition of Sticker Packs, we have boldly entered the realm with the Sticker Gladiators to present to you a potential new Champion - The G.I. JOE/TRANSFORMERS Sticker 4 Pack designed by Les Schettkoe.  Let's list the attributes:  Rad.  Awesome.  Killer.  Dope.  Fresh.  Sweet.  Sick.  Dayum.  Right on.  Power to the People.  Cobra Commander.  Snake Eyes.  Optimus Prime.  And, Megatron.  I'm going to stop here.

Today's theme; TIME TRAVEL!  Back to the past but without Doc, a Dolrean, Huey Lewis and a nice puffy down vest.  This time machine will click us back to January 5th, 2013, Amsterdam, Holland.  Our vehicle?  This mighty Blog field that I type letters into.  

It was a cold winter's day...

Wow!  It's a been awhile but we're back at it again.  New Years resolution 102451 - update your blog, man!  It's the voice, the connection for news on all things TLS!  What's wrong with me?  I'll tell you; a lot has been transpiring.  Like what?  G.I Joe, Transformers, Chaos Bunnies, tradeshows, exclusives, travel, a new website, expansion, new hirings and more!

I'm travelling about 100 mph on a high speed train through the Northern part of France.  Reflecting on this year and dreaming about the possibilities that wait ahead in 2013.  I love this modern age in times like these.  When I was 15, I couldn't imagine the connections I would make by 38.  It's amazing.  This planet is amazing.  Being connected.


Jan 5th.  Amsterdamn.  Minty Fresh.  Get it.


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