Mega is a misused term.  Mega this, Mega that.  Mega Savings.  Mega Cola.  Mega Mart.  Enough of Mega already.  Until, Mega is used properly, intuitively, sparing, for the exact moment where the letters M E G A actually mean something when pronounced.  It's as if you're almost afraid to say it.  Just a whisper will do.  With the right intent, Mega conjures Mega.  What is Mega?  Mega is the calm before the storm.  It's the quiet rolling rumble of the earth and dirt beneath your feet.  It's the water rippling, echoing across the surface.  And it grows.  And grows. And grows.  Until you are confronted with MEGA.  You become paralyzed.  Swallowed by Mega's Meganess.  It's too late.  You're a goner.  

M E G A   F I R E C A T!
This is Mega.  Standing 4' tall nearly 6' across (with the flame).  This Mega beast is more than a beast.  This is a mega piece of art. Produced by The Loyal Subjects and created by Joe Ledbetter.  The Fire Cat is one of Joe's prized and cherished characters.  Now, it's a formidable art sculpture and very rare.  The Mega Fire Cat will be releasing into the throws of panic'ed earth in less than 30 days.  There are several color ways; Red (Ed of 7), Ice (Ed of 4), Mono (Ed of 5) and Lava (Ed of 3).  That's right.  Just 19 MEGA Fire Cats.  If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you too will finally know the meaning of MEGA!
Available through and - happy hunting =).
PS  If you strike out, we have only 1 left.  Coax it out of our hands if you dare.  [email protected].
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