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My Hero Academia Exclusives!

Hopefully everyone is catching a glimpse of the My Hero Academia show?  In between nerdgasms brought on by the Mandalorian, switch off the Boba Fett juice box, and get hip to one of the coolest Super Hero toons from Japan.  Nothing against Mandalorians, I think Bounty Hunters are cool too.  Looks like Disney made another bazillion dollars.  Let’s share that wealth around town, and get on the My Hero Academia train!

TLS gets a ton of flack on the Distribution – I get it, I love it, you guys want access, you want more, and we’re trying to give it to you!  My Hero Academia has character exclusives at Box Lunch, Hot Topic, and Game Stop, as well as color treatment exclusives, and we’re starting to see Froppy’s pop up at Barnes & Noble, and other great retail outlets!    Character exclusives are special.  It means a very expensive tool was made for a very limited run of an exclusive character.  I’m like the Larry guy from the “You're killing me Larry” Sit N’ Sleep commercials.  My partner is the dude pulling his hair out screaming, “You’re killing me Larry!”  I’m essentially giving it away to no profit of ours.  It’s a fortune to make a tool for a very low run character, a bloody fortune!  It makes zero financial sense but we do it.  Also, colors come in giant gallon paint buckets.  If we have something extremely limited like metallic paint, or an off color, or a Club 28, we still have to buy the whole bucket even if we’re only using a couple fluid ounces!  Industry insiders literally tell us we’re crazy but we do it anyway.  So when you're combing the aisle ONLY looking for chase figures, know that the commons were also a fortune to create, and there’s nothing common about them because they are all really limited in numbers.  As many know, TLS hardly uses a tool twice.  99.9% of the time, once it’s done, it’s done, there is no going back to the well.  There’s nothing common about any of our figures.  Our runs in scope and comparison are probably 10 times smaller to our competitors.  Not only are they limited, they have a ton of articulation, a ton of detail, and a collector card.  Outside of TLS, who’s doing anything remotely like this?  All the TLS faithfuls ,and new TLS fans should march out to Hot Topic, to Box Lunch, to Game Stop, to B&N, and go fill up your Holiday baskets with TLS My Hero Academia figures, undoubtedly the most fun, and in my opinion, the best range, and style that are in the market today, especially at the price. 

I see a ton of action in the group, folks are pretty excited about the line even if they have no idea what it is; queue Larry Engine Back, and some of the other TLS Army nicknames for the MHA characters.  Larry Engine Back, er, I mean, Tenya is pretty dang cool, the dude has drag racing exhaust pipes coming out of his legs, and ribs which makes him run a million miles a second.  That’s rad!  This set isn't accessory heavy, they're superheroes, their powers are in their “quirks” which are inside them, not in swords, shields, or other weapons BUT know the hands will fit the thousands of accessories from other TLS Action Vinyl lines, so make up your own stories!

We’re extremely proud of this line, took us nearly 11 months to build it to completion, a heck of a long time!  The figures have killer sculpt details, have killer paint details, and boast a great, fun character range comprised of your favorite characters!  It's a break out hit, introduce TLS to your friends (we’re working on a referral program right now, stay tuned), and continue to push TLS into the best toy box experience around!  Our great friends at Hot Topic, Box Lunch, and Game Stop have insane, high quality MHA exclusives, make sure you go check them out!  Available in ALL stores, unless a particular store has sold out.

Christmas is right around the corner.  I didn't forget about Thanksgiving, I love food too much to do that but Christmas is here, it’s always a chance to introduce TLS to a friend, or pile up stockings for your loved ones.  We are honored to be a part of your pop culture experience.

Check out the great My Hero Academia range from TLS, and check out the fantastic manga, and anime so you can get hip to one of the best, new superhero animations today!  It’s about time for new flavors in the superhero market!

Coming up in the next five days – Black Friday announcement, and more TLS updates.  Also, HUGE NEWS!  Our new website is set to launch on this coming Monday!  I know you guys will love the new format!







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