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TLS at Walmart!

“Hey!  Look over there!”  “Where?”  “There!   What's that I see in Electronics?  I think I see The Loyal Subjects!  Right next to a pile of Funko, some McFarlane, and a little NECA!”  “Yeah man, finally!  We’ve hit the jackpot!”  Walmart’s locked and loaded!  A full statement of the heat seekers!  Go get ‘em!

I see it on the fan groups all the time, “TLS’ Distribution blows!”  How could this be true?  We have products in Walgreens, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Barnes & Noble, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, FYE, Calendar Club, our own Amazon page (www.amazon.com/theloyalsubjects), Entertainment Earth, Diamond Comics, Big Bad Toy Store…and, we’re the little guy!  How can it blow if we’re in over 10k doors worldwide?  There are a ton of venues to choose from, more importantly, if we all get behind building our best toy box experience, clean those shelves dry, a new line of Horror will go in, Cowboy BeBop, Lord of the Rings, and a few surprises we have up our sleeves that we haven’t announced yet!  We have great exclusive packouts of My Hero Academia at your favorite retailers (Hot Topic, Box Lunch, and Game Stop)….we’re coming in RED HOT this Holiday Season!  Let’s take over the shelves where all that boring static stuff lives, take out all those lame, simple Action Figures…we have nearly 2,000 characters to choose your own adventure with, build your army with, and ransack Troy with!  The ONLY true collectible that you can, and want to play with, and it’s affordable!  And dang gone it, some of them sell for hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars, and there’s more of those on shelf right this minute, and they're only selling for $10-$14.00!  So, what are you waiting for?  Tell a friend, turn your bandmates on to TLS, your softball squad on to TLS, your racquetball Team on to TLS, your parent/teacher conference on to TLS, your favorite Fantasy Sports league on to TLS, your best pals onto TLS, your poker night on to TLS, your D&D meet up on to TLS, TELL EVERYONE!  It's time TLS takes over the game – we are the best damn 3”, playable, stylized Action Figure out in the market, at an affordable cost, period.  The best Holiday Gift this year!  Is it another Fingerling, some lame dust collecting statue, hell no, it’s TLS!  There, I said it, and I mean it.  If you see it, grab it, either for yourself, or do a friend a favor and plop one in their stocking this Holiday!

I’m proud of what this little Team of ours has done, what our community has rallied behind.  Everyone at TLS believes whole-heartedly that we're creating fun, dynamic, imaginative, and worthwhile experiences at a very low cost of entry.  I hope you guys do too.  Our mission is to build the ultimate toy box experience.  Get in the time machine to that 8 year old self…could you imagine if you saw shelves with nearly 2k characters from nearly 70 different licenses, and they all were about the same size, you could create any story you wanted with any character or groupings of characters, the figures are all articulated, came with a ton of interchangeable weapons, and also had exclusive trading cards?!  Man, you’d about die right on the spot.  That’s what we’re bringing!  And we’re bringing it to you now!  It's not all about the rare/chase finds…sure, that’s fun, and exciting but at the core TLS builds wonderfully, creative, and playable toys made up of a thousand heroes, and a thousand villains.  Doesn't get much better than that!

We’re not about manufactured hype, we’re about building quality products, having our figures stand on their own merits – great sculpts, great paint details, an expansive character range, killer accessories, trading cards, killer packaging design, super fun articulation…the imaginerium of our 8 year old selves in real time.  This is about quality, no gimmicks, no frills, just the real deal.

Shop TLS this Holiday, show the world that you’re aligned with a fun, imaginative, and quality provider for the coolest 3” Action Figures around!  Share your passions with your friends, turn TLS collecting into a game, “Hey! My 3 Jackalman take your 4 Triclops!”  Have fun, tell story, build that toy box, build those armies, and turn the lights on Action Figure collecting with the best choice this Holiday, TLS all the way!

Last Comment on the above – It’s no easy task launching 15 lines in 1 year, nor is it an easy task going up against the big wigs at retail but we’re doing it, and it’s all because of you guys!

Tomorrow, full details on TLS’ Mammoth Black Friday Sale.  Killer deals on killer products, you can’t lose!

FIND TLS NOW at these fine retailers:  Hot Topic, Box Lunch, FYE, Game Stop, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Calendar Club, Walgreens, Rite Aid, EB Games, Big W, Toys R Us (Canada), Liverpool (Mexico), Amazon.com/TheLoyalSubjects, Entertainment Earth, Diamond Comics, Tate’s Comics, Big Bad Toy Store, Newbury Comics, and your favorite toy, and comic book shop!


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