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Black Friday 2019

BLACK FRIDAY! BLACK FRIDAY! BLACK FRIDAY!  This coming WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY!  WEDNESDAY!  Read this with the monster truck “dude” guttural voice while Travis Pastrana flips a triple lindy over your head wearing skis, and Grave Digger smashes burnt out cop cars to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’.  “Heck  Yeah!”, “Oh, Yeah!!!”, “Snap into a Slim Jim!” – all these mantras should play on repeat for each new sentence read in this blog post, or at the very least a looping “gif” of the images conjured by these iconic catch phrases.  TLS wants to be a part of your Super Bowl Halftime Show, and for Toy Collectors that Halftime Show is called “BLACK FRIDAY!”  Let's make this the biggest, baddest one yet!

We’ve (TLS) been working pretty hard the last 7 years, trying to perfect the craft of what we consider to be the most badass 3” Action Figure around.  At least that’s the high aim.  We pour a tremendous amount of love, passion, and effort into our products hoping they meet your standards, even more so, hoping they surpass.  Walking back through the lines in our showroom, picking up Turtles, Power Rangers, Thundercats, Attack on Titan, How To Train Your Dragon, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Master of the Universe it’s hard not to pause, and think “Damn, these figures are absolutely badass.”  I did it yesterday!  Just walking our showroom, I’m reminded the helmets come off the Power Rangers figures in a mechanically sophisticated way, and in Wave 2 we have mini Power Rangers with removable helmets, and brilliant deco details on a surface the size of a pea!  We made Blindbox Zords!  That’s nuts!  I’m reminded the insane sculpt details on Mumm-Ra the Ancient, and Mumm-Ra the Ever Living!  The killer eye deco and animatic like expressions on Mega Man!  The great weapons, and accessories included in the MOTU line, the beautiful and artistic details represented in How To train Your Dragon, and the sophisticated construction displayed by the Dragons.  It’s hard for me not to immediately fall in love with every single figure once again!  I love TLS!  Sounds corny, biased, polyanna but it’s true, I absolutely love our products, and I love what we do!

At times the collector culture misses all the hard worked details and it immediately gets sidelined for “rarity”, and “fomo”, looking for after market gold.  I love the rare stuff too, it’s all important to the Brand but it’s good to stop, smell the roses, and really check out these unique figures, a whole universal platform which we’ve branded Action Vinyls.  It's unique, it’s detailed, it’s artistic, it’s imaginative, and it’s undeniably a barrel of fun!  There’s an opportunity to connect to previous lines, see if you have them in your collection, if not grab them at the Black Friday price or gift them to friends, and take your chance at turning friends, and fam onto TLS this Holiday Season, and sharing your passions!

The deal is simple (Have that monster truck voice looping through your head?)

  1. All Legacy Lines (before 2019 are 60% OFF.  We don't have much left, just bits and pieces that were pushed into corners at the warehouse.  First come first serve.  They are brilliant, and undeniably worth a seat in your collection.  Some great exclusives, some great legacy products, all well crafted, and illumining with detail. 
  2. All 2019 products are 40% OFF. We had a hell of a Comic Con this year, not much left but if you want to give a friend a very cool gift, here’s your chance!  Or, if you just want to keep one in the package for later, BOOM, backup loaded.
  3. Orders over $100.00 (domestic) will receive FREE SHIPPING.
  4. Orders over $250.00 (International) will receive $25.00 Shipping.
  5. Orders $1,000.00 or more – we’ll email you about the shipping.
  6. Sale starts Wednesday, Nov 27th @ NOON PST, and Ends Cyber Monday at Midnight PST.
  7. ONLY at www.theloyalsubjects.com
  8. Orders will start prepping After Cyber Monday, and first ships will be that same week's Friday.

TLS might seem like a mass market Brand but we certainly don't behave like one.  Everything you see are Edition sizes born of the lowest numbers from some of the most expensive tooling blocks of the highest order.  A tremendous amount of work goes into every detail; concept, design, sculpt, tool development, product development, pre-production, production, packaging, packout, approvals – it’s a rubicon of biblical proportions.  Everything is RARE!  Better yet, RARE and AFFORDABLE! 

"You’re Killing Me Larry!"  Here’s our elevator pitch, copy and paste, and share with friends! 

"We've been cleaning house!  After organizing our warehouse we found all sorts of TLS GOLD!  ALL Legacy lines are 60% OFF!  What's a legacy line one might ask?  Everything produced before 2019!  Great deals on 8" figures, on 2 packs, and Convention exclusives!"

"All 2019 Items, including TLS 10 Year are 40% OFF!  Sales stars Wed, November 27th, at Noon PST, and ends Cyber Monday at Midnight!  Cash in on TLS Gold!

Let's make this a TLS Holiday!

The Loyal Subjects Black Friday


The Loyal Subjects Black Friday


The Loyal Subjects Black Friday

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