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Happy New Year!

That’s a wrap!

2019 has proven to be our biggest year to date.  We set products at the most retail locations, and provided the largest volume of products to consumers in any previous single year from our genesis to now.  It's fair to say TLS had accomplished more in this one year than it had in our first four years, 2009-2013.    In the last 14 months TLS has launched 15 lines, and 24 exclusives.  We’ve quadrupled our business with online retailers like Entertainment Earth, and Amazon.   Our international distribution and sales are up nearly 500%.  It’s been a herculean effort; administrative, customer service, graphic design, marketing, product development, sculpting, operations, logistics, licensing, business development, accounting, production management, QC & QA, it takes nearly 200 minds, and hands to make an Action Vinyls series, OMG!  We have an exceptionally talented Team.  I’m humbled to be one component of our Team, to work alongside the dedicated, focused, and talented folks who help build TLS one brick at a time. 

And without an audience none of this is possible.  THANK YOU, to each and everyone for giving TLS the opportunity to be a part of your life, be it a huge passion or just a quick passing, we are humbled, honored, and consider ourselves the luckiest folks on earth to catch your eye, imagination, and to be the smallest part of your journey.  TLS products are meant to be fun, thoughtful, imaginative, great story telling devices, and most of all put the story telling controls back in your hands.  Hopefully TLS products are the permission slip to suspend disbelief, to allow your inner child to open up, play, and imagine, all secrets to keeping your soul, and cells happy.  We want to be a part of your toy box experience; fun, tactile, and imaginative.  We are building this beautiful, playful experience together, and making a dent on pop culture, giving life to new creative driven businesses like TLS (new to some) who’s aim is to deliver meaningful experiences to everyone who wants to participate, and at a low barrier of entry, only $12.00 at most retailers for the toy world’s best range of characters, and the wondrous engineering details comprised in our dynamic, poseable 3” Action Figures.  Don’t forget the collector cards!  If TLS has produced nearly 2k unique action figure skus, we’ve also produced nearly 2k unique character cards!  We’re like the TOPPS of Action Figures!

2019 feels like it started yesterday, and ended today.  Comic Con was merely an hour in a day, Spring, only a few blinks ago.  My hair is grayer, it's harder to lose a pound, but the lessons I learn are more meaningful, my patience is more ample, my listening skills are more refined, and my willingness and interest to connect on richer, deeper, on a more cellular level is more firm.  My interactions at Comic Con, Fan Jam, and Bean Jam have enriched my life, and given me inspiration.  To witness and experience the friendships, compassion, passion, and creativity from those who follow TLS has certainly helped me become a better person, has given me purpose, and to this I’m forever grateful. 

We strive to be better, to deliver better experiences, better products, better interactions – we may not get it right every time but our aim is to give it our all, and do it better each time. 

2020 has a ton in store – tent pole licenses, new products, great nostalgia products, better Action Vinyls construction, more collector cards, a huge spray of licenses, our own IP, a full range of traditional Action Figures….2020 is MEGA!  We’re aiming for the fences!  Thank you for being on this journey with TLS.  Make sure to shop TLS at Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Walmart, Target, Game Stop, Best Buy, Go! Calendar, Rite Aid, Walgreens or your favorite haunt carrying TLS products.  Your support for TLS at these retailers ensures our future success, and gives TLS the opportunity to continue to serve you with wonderful, imaginative, and fun experiences.  Wipe out those shelves and new items will come running in!

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.  Here’s to 2020!

The Loyal Subjects



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