Missing Black Friday items, SDCC items not shipped, and production delays

Hello Loyal Family!

I know there are quite a few folks wondering what's going on with the Black Friday TMNT pre-sale items.  While we had fully expected for them to be delivered to you as intended in late spring/early summer, despite our best efforts we were not able to meet that timing. Let us start by acknowledging your frustrations. Please know that we are driven by a desire to deliver a highly satisfying experience to you, our valued customer. Not to completely walk you through the soup but this is the skinny: we had a supplier in charge of our TMNT production that switched without notice the types of production runs they were able to do, and TLS has been trying to navigate a solution since. Consequently, production of the TMNT Black Friday items has been held up. Please also note that our great customer Megalopolis has also been stuck in this same gridlock. In no way is this any fault of theirs – they do a fantastic job!

We are working hard and feel confident that we will come to a reasonable solution so we can ship these great collectibles to you. For those feeling the Black Friday Blues, even with the robust discount, we want to offer you a replacement product for equal value – such as any of the TMNT2 SDCC 2016 items. If you purchased a single pack item, we will replace it with a SDCC 2016 TMNT single pack item.  If you placed an order for a 4 pack, we will replace it with TWO 2 packs or 4 Single Packs.  We hope you also feel this is a great alternative.

A general comment on production delays: While we do our very best to hit the dates advertised, sometimes it can be a moving target. Sometimes the moving parts – including the licensing, manufacturing and distribution ecosystem – aren't fully aligned. However, we do our best to corral these variables to enable timely deliveries. Without getting into the x's and o's and complete minutia of the day to day production grind, we have the happy circumstance that our next wave of products is shipping and hitting retail shelves now! We're amping up our production team in Asia so we can avoid or at the very least contain these calendar challenges in the future.  We're here to provide you with a quality experience and it's our pledge to give you 100% of our efforts in securing great products that yield a high collectability.  We have your back!  We're here to serve you.

The additional MOTU and G.I. Joe Black Friday and SDCC 2016 items - they are finalizing the production cycle now.  MOTU is scheduled to leave the factory on Oct 18th and G.I. Joe is leaving the factory now.  We have a 30 day ship in, process and inventory timeline.  We sincerely regret the delays, rest assured, these collectibles are excellent and you will be very happy with the final results.

Jonathan Cathey

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