In Stock!  What are you waiting for Boy Wonder?  You think your skateboard collection is complete?  Try again.  Do you have Optimus Prime?  How about Megatron?  What about Soundwave?  Grimlock?  I thought not.  Now's your chance to shine, to be head of the class, to get the girl, to be the envy of all of your friends, to be so cool that Shaun White will call YOU!  That is being down.  Are you ready to be down?  Are you ready to wield the power of the Autobot nation?  How about dance with the architects of Cybertron?  Be maniacle with Megatron?  Come on man, get with it!  If you want to rock, then let's rock.  These are only $55.00 and designed by Sket-One.  What more can a company offer you?  We're giving you the pass to excellence.  Take it, wield it, use it commandingly.  Now go decorate your walls, flip trick, boardslide, tour with the Stones - all made possible by starting with the first step - picking up this series of ridiculously hot TRANSFORMERS decks from yours truly.  Let's do this, I'm on your side, let's get metal like Grimlock!

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