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All this teasing - tease, tease, tease, tease.  And then the reveals - reveal, reveal, reveal, reveal.  Make it available already!   We hear you, we're with you, we're fans too.  We want these suckers just as bad as you do.  I want to collect every one.  Line them up right above the fire place, right on my mantle, next to the Gary Baseman Enlightened Chou mask and the amazing Star Wars Helmets I copped at Comic Con from years past.  They'll look good there.  Then my 10 year old self will climb out of my body and the mantle will turn into the loading dock of a space station commandeered by the Autobots with the Decepticons looking to invade.  My brain is already there.  The mantle becomes worlds, galaxies, footholds, battlegrounds - it's what it's about.  It's why we do this.  We still think like this.  Nuts, right?  We're 38 year olds with 12 year old brains running amok inside the imagineerium.  It's love.  It's Passion.  It's who we are.  We love the Transformers.  So much that I'm reluctant to put them on sale.  Again, that 10 year old self is saying "Don't do it!  Keep them all!  These are epic!".  If I was 10, and I had a container of Transformers coming to my house I would be king.  That is serious currency for a kid.  Might as well be the Taj Mahal.  Not to be Captain exagerrator here but you know I'm right.  If marbles ruled the playground, Transformers governed the school.  No doubt.  

Here we are.  You and me.  Getting ready to throw down hard on this Transformers party.  And guess what?  You can buy them from our site now!  Take a look.  Go to the store, take a peek, click around, find Optimus Prime's beautiful mug and see what happens.  Voila!  Purchasable.  Just like Christmas morning but before the 4th of July.   Sweet, sweet victory!   Can't decide if you selected the right blindbox piece?  Looking for a Soundwave but won't know until it arrives?  Buy the case.  Freak your friends out.  Make them drool.  Win at winning.  That's you, a winner at winning and I'm with you.  I want to be on that train.  Us winning together, off into the ether of space, engaging in the fight.  Megatron has a couple knuckle sandwiches coming his way.  I ain't afraid.  Are you?  Let's get em!

Autobots, Roll Out!

Designs by Les Schettkoe.  Under License from Hasbro, Inc.


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