In case the Illustration was too big a tease, or not enough tease, or maybe just the right amount of tease.  Whatever wets your whistle, right?   Here are full reveals of some of the hottest SDCC releases.  Cybertron Megatron- Midnight Edition; blister packed with a resealable card.  This piece is epic.  It's as if you were hit in the face by an incandescent alien life form which looks unbelievably cool.  Megatron can harness the power of the sun.  In case you were wondering.  He's a bad dude.  And he will be available to take home This coming Thursday, July 18th at 11a.  Only at Booth #5645.  That's us.  The Loyal Subjects.  Bam!  Get it.   Just $15.00.

Sunstorm - he's a bad dude too.  Literally, can hardly contain his own power.  He thinks he's divine.  Seen dudes like that in Hollywood before.  Except this dude is an alien, is fast as lightening and can probably melt all of our faces off.  That's some heavy heat.  Available at Toy Tokyo.  It's their exclusive friends.  They're charging $15.00 as well.  See you Wed, Thurs, Fri...all through the weekend!

PS  We made these.  TLS.  That's us.  Under License from Hasbro, Inc.





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