MOTU Toys R Us Exclusives!

Toys R Us MOTU Exclusives are now on shelf at participating Toys R Us!  Get Disco with it, get Maskor with it, get Mini Comic Variant He-Man with it!  The Disco Skeletor is where it's at.  Certainly a must have for the TLS MOTU Action Vinyls collectors!  Very limited quantities are available so check with your local Toys R Us for stock!  This set does include a Club 28, a couple random prototypes, and a single Gold He-Man!  The Toys R Us assortment ties up the last Retail Assortment for MOTU Wave 1!  We've seen some exciting pulls, some great Club 28 finds, some great collections, a ton of fan trading, some great storytelling, some great stop motion videos, some awesome photography - amazing the support this line has received.  It's awesome that the TLS Action Vinyls MOTU collections are back in the "toy box" per se!  We can see all those rich memories from Christmas' past, epic birthdays and surprise gifts rush back...all beating to the drum, "I Have the Power!"  "He-Man!"


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