Following up on the madness of a 24 hour Bunny love fest!  That was cool, right?  I'm fairly certain everyone was able to grab what they wanted.  If not from our site, from the host of amazing and awesome retailers who we love to call our polyamorous life partners.  We heard some very kind kudos being thrown out to the divine Rotofugi and My Plastic Heart.  It's great that the base  supports the pillars because without the pillars and without all of you, we're lost at sea.  We certainly feel challenged to create better pieces and we're definitely trying to evolve with all of your tastes.  Hopefully we all sail up stream together, in this case, to a Chaos Bunny paradise masterminded by Joe Ledbetter.  
Happy shopping, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and let's turn this motha out!
Pssst.  One last thought or tid bit of insider info.  There's a Bunny who jumped ship.  Last we heard he sailed off over the great Atlantic to a very liberal European port town to have a little fun.  Keep it Fresh.  Keep it Minty.  We may have to follow the trail.  Might get lost ourselves =)  If we do, don't bother sending help.  We'll be swimming mightily towards greener pastures.
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