Every now and then, something so pure, so destructive threatens the balance.  Introducing NEMESIS PRIME.  An alien abysmal and malevolent life force bent on destroying worlds.  "It" cloned Optimus Prime, took his form, his power, his strength and proceeded to destroy everything in its path; including Autobots and Decepticons.  Nemesis Prime has no fear, has no loyalties, stands beside no one.  It is a vaccuous form and the most dangerous, threatening all life.  

Available now and starting to ship from our warehouse by December 14th.  Just in time for Christmas for many of you!  International customers - it might take a second or two to reach you but it'll be on it's way, just as long as it's not throttling Santa Claus, destroying his Village and BBQ'ing the Reindeer.  I mean, the dude is bad.  NEMESIS PRIME is currently our last Prime incarnation in the 8" Form.  Sure to be a classic so definitely grab one if you can!  Keep on eye on the dude - not even Elf on a Shelf can stop this bad mamba-jamba.  Elf on a Shelf...please, this dude will use that poor elf as his permanent back scratcher.  So what are you waiting for?  Wield this awesome power!  Only $80.00 for a B I G Dude.  Edition size is 500.

Designed by the ever so talented Les Schettkoe.   Under License from Hasbro, Inc. 2013

Merry Christmas!