New Walmart Exclusive items!

The Loyal Subjects is proud to add Walmart to the TLS Retailer family!  Starting this weekend, TLS faithfuls will find The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls showcased in a designated Collectibles section at 2,353 Walmarts.  TLS is launching Exclusive Walmart characters and colors for Dragon Ball Z, Masters of the Universe and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “The Movie”.  Here’s what to look for (shows picture).

Exclusive items to hunt for:

Dragon Ball Z – The Chase figures are:
• Super Saiyan Goku Metallic 1/48
• Trunks Metallic 1/96
• Club 28 – Neon Goku
• Super Saiyan Gold Goku
• 2 random Prototypes

Masters of the Universe – The Chase figures are:
• Pink Teela – 1/48
• Red Flocked Beast Man – 1/96
• Club 28 - Anti-Eternia He-Man
• 2 random Prototypes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers “The Movie” (MMPR Wave 2) – The Chase figures are:
• Sabertooth Tiger Zord (Black and Gold Edition) – 1/48
• T-Rex Zord (Black and Gold Edition) – 1/96
• Club 28 – Triceratops (Black and Gold Edition)
• 2 random Prototypes

We always have the collector in mind and we believe we have created some of the most exciting and dynamic offerings for you to collect! 

Stay tuned early next week for Updates on Hot Topic, Target and Toys R Us’ Dragon Ball Z releases and other Retail News!

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