Locked and loaded. NYC, we came, we saw, we pulverized - tees, vinyls, skate decks - NYC Toy Fair never had a chance. We dropped TRANSFORMERS, CYBERTRON, G.I. JOE and COBRA, all at the same time. We sweetly terrorized our friends and retailers with mini Transformers showing off 7 points of articulations, incredible Tees laid out by Sket-One, the genius designs from Les Schettkoe, G.I. JOE mini figures sporting unique accessories and those beautifuly identifiable characters - SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, COBRA COMMANDER - it was relentless. We showed off the Chaos Bunny Series by Joe Ledbetter and Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warrior. We were as if Jeff Koons threw up all over your living room and you just so happened to have a blank canvas sitting there, waiting to catch it all. Million dollar spin art. Needless to say, we left the show feeling the "BOOM"!  Game changer. 

A little treat - we're giving you a sneak peak - the new TRANSFORMERS T-Shirt Series by Sket-One.  TRANSFORMERS gone Sket.  All shirts are 100% ringspun cotton.  Some shirts are 7 color, screened and we're able to hold this down at $25!  These are $35.00 shirts ladies and gentlemen but we're keeping these at $25.00 for you, because we love you.  We L O V E you!  That's the way it should be.

Quick recap - we landed in what was supposed to be a blizzard.  It was in other parts of the Northeast but in NYC, it was tranquil, poetic and storybook-like.  Needless to say, we survived the blizzard.  We ate tons of pizza.  As if we never had it before.  We worked relentlessly.  We shook hands, took names, kissed babies, made deals and created more plans.  It was a good trip.  These next years will be the beneficiary of the seeds we had planted and even more so, you guys will be the greatest beneficiaries of our efforts beacuse we are comitted to blowing your minds.  We are convinced that we can if you allow it.  Let's do this.  Like we were family.  We have your back in more ways than one.  We even have tees for your backs!

Sket-One TRANSFORMERS tees - check the website next week.  We're on it.

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