I have two different brains (figuratively speaking).  Those who know me well, know that I definitely am a student of the world.  My interests turn into experimentation, eventually turning into love, passion and a trust for the process.  I have a range of interests in somewhat of a hobbyist's exploration, looking to refine; literature, politics, art, music, history, and the natural - living - universe that surrounds me.  You get the point.  This blog isn't set up to be an essayist's etymological porn chest, but every now and then it's fun to explore past the expectations and invisible boundaries that press up on the hallowed walls of The Loyal Subjects (which is certainly an extension of myself and certainly dons generalities of my personality).  
There's a lot to be said in regards to certain decompositions that have been evolving for the last 40 years.  Eventually, the weight becomes too much to bare and that proverbial house of cards will start collapsing.  As we are seeing today with certain inequities, Corporate bullying, the credit and housing markets surrendering to breaking points, etc. 
As more and more people are disenfranchised with certain systems and "promises" failing to meet expectations, it is almost certain that some people will voice their concerns.  Eventually pushing back.  It's what we do.  This is what we are seeing from the OCCUPY Movement.  We all have our opinions on what this OCCUPY concept means and how it's being executed - I certainly have mine.  In the positive action there are also components of negative action and reaction pouring from boiled over frustrations.  OCCUPY LOVE is an action and  reaction.  The idea - LOVE is the foundation for everything in our human multiverse - it's the foundation and structure for; intelligence, education, compassion, dignity, respect, selflessness, generosity, symbiosis, understanding, growth and enlightenment.  If it's so, that we all need to be reminded how we can all benefit and grow, possibly redefining what it means to show compassion - perhaps the OCCUPY LOVE shirt is just a very small reminder and subsequent flicker of luminosity - an undeniable message.  15 additional values fortify the spine of the shirt.  The idea is to absorb the strength in these values.  A portion of our proceeds (around 33.33% adjusted Gross) will go to the Children's Literacy Intitiative - an amazing foundation that builds and enriches young lives.  Please participate with us.  We sold 600 shirts in just a few days.  We want to see this permeate all willing minds.  Available in Men's and Women's in both Black and White for a mere $25.00.  If you wish to purchase one, go HERE.  Thank you.

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