Panda Bunny Order Instructions - As Promised.

Here you go good folks!


  1. Click on
  2. Find the item (when it's ready to purchase)
  3. Item includes Shipping Price 
  4. Click on the item
  5. ONLY 1 per person
  6. Click the Orange Button (BUY) - it will remain in Chinese but it's the BUY button
  7. Fill out your information in the CONFIRM ORDER section.  You will have to do this regardless if you had previously set up an account or not.
  8. MODE OF PAYMENT - Choose PayPal from the drop down
  9. Click CONFIRM
  10. It will redirect you to a screen that says OPERATION SUCCESSFUL - the screen will stay for a second and then will redirect to PayPal
  11. You can choose to pay via your account (just click on the Pay With My PayPal Account button) OR Enter your credit card preference and information
  12. Once you have completed these steps you'll get a PayPal confirmation
  13. Very Limited supplies so it's first come first serve.  Best of luck to everyone!


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