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Power Rangers Morphin Power Pack (Amazon Exclusive)

TLS Nation!  We're extremely proud of this new bundle.  It's a limited edition Action Vinyls Power Rangers set exclusive to Amazon, and get this! ---> You get a first look digital HD copy of the 2017 Saban's Power Rangers Movie!  How killer is that!  The inspiration behind the set from TLS' creative; TLS is known for being the Gen 1 guys.  We rewake the spirit of very influential, legacy, steeped, rich pop culture properties.  The ones that made our childhoods carefree, our Christmas' unforgettable, our birthdays legendary...the ones we reach back into our toy box of memories to reconnect with.  TLS was given the opportunity in inspiration to mashup the original '95 movie with the new 2017 movie.  We incorporated new deco tooling, some very crisp and clean metallic flake tones with the OG Ranger's personalities captured when the helmets come off.  Some of the best features of our Action Vinyls sets are the articulation.  These pint sized heroes have an enormous amount of articulation which is on display in the photos and the fun little stop motion movies we put together for Amazon.  There's tremendous value in these very detailed collectibles, beyond cementing them to a shelf.  Play with them!  Retell your favorite storylines, make some stop motion videos...it's so much fun!  And Dang! --->  The helmets come off!  How cool is that!  To close it out, these are a unique mashup, a one and done and ONLY available through Amazon.  For more pics and for the "Who, What, When and How" check the below info.  These are available for purchase now, just click that Amazon link below!


Power Rangers Morphin Power Pack (Amazon Exclusive)

The Amazon-Exclusive Power Rangers Morphin Power Pack includes a Digital HD copy of the 2017 movie Saban’s Power Rangers PLUS five limited-edition Action Vinyls™ from The Loyal Subjects!
The Action Vinyls™ are 3” tall and feature removable helmets, multiple points of articulation, and blade blaster accessories.
Instructions for Amazon Video digital download of the 2017 Saban's Power Rangers movie will be emailed when your order ships












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