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April 27, 2016

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects

Each Friday, TLS BLOG will feature a TLS Collector and Retailer.  What does this mean?  We want to tell your story!  This is what we want to know in no particular order:

  • What was the greatest Birthday on memory?
    •  We want to hear your story soup to nuts from the Darth Vader party hats to the R2D2 Birthday cake, to little Sally throwing up punch on your brand new Chewbacca doll, to your big brother ripping off the head of your G.I. Joes and replacing the necks with tiny sticks of dynamite – WE WANT TO KNOW!  Don’t hold back – dogs eating and eventually digesting your favorite Mickey Mouse keychain is fair game!  We want to know how you fished it out!
  • What was your greatest Christmas moment?  Was it a Little Red Rider BB Gun?  How about the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier?  Did it fit in your house?  Linkin Logs?  Legos?  Grandma’s smelly feet?  Your parents drunk friend who came over and broke the arms off your Transformer bc they didn’t know how to Transform it?  What was it?  WE WANT TO TELL YOUR STORY.
  • What would you risk Life and Limb to Rescue?  IG-88?  The Boba Fett with the projecting missile?  We want to know which item you would stare down a locomotive to save!
  • How did you get into collecting?  A big brother?  A best friend?  School?  Sears and Best catalogs?  What turned your mind on?  Saturday morning Cartoons?  Sugar?  Captain Crunch?  Tell us!
  • What is the single most coveted piece in your personal collection – Show Us!  Tell us why you love it.  
  • What do you love about the community?  Making friends?  Trading?  New Companies releasing cool pop culture collectibles?  What are the highs?!
  • Who is your favorite retailer?  What do you love about them?  How often do you visit?  What shelf or section do you visit first? 
  • If you’re a retailer – tell us about the first item you sold!  What did that feel like?
    • What drives you to open those doors each day?
  • Lastly – who, what, where and how did you find TLS?  What is your favorite feature on a TLS item?  Which TLS collectible is your “Hope Diamond” of the TLS cannon?
  • What do you like about The Loyal Subjects?  Our beautifully quaffed hair?  Our pearly smiles?  Power Rangers?  Removable helmets?  What did/do we do to deserve your attention?

We want great passionate stories to show the world how great you are!  

If you would like to share your story, please get in touch by emailing info@theloyalsubjects.com


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