We're mental.  Clearly.  Super mental - lock us up, throw away the key, stick us on an island and toss coconuts at us all day - mental.  We have 8 different Exclusives for this SDCC.  E I G H T.  Hurts just to say it.  So ritcheous.  We go the extra mile to stoke you out.  We want you to be so stoked on TLS, so stoked you'll have permagrin.  So stoked that it actually makes other people smile.  People will stop you at work and say "Hey, I really dig how stoked you are!  I'm stoked too because you're so stoked!"  That's what we want.  100% stoke.

So disclaimer out of the way, how about another G.I. JOE 2 pack?  What!  My face has melted into the keyboard I'm typing on.  The only way I know what keys I'm hitting right now is because in 9th grade I took typing class serious.  Camouflaged Storm Shadow vs. Radioactive (GID) Snake Eyes.  This set is so insane my two front teeth popped out of my head and are now embedded in my computer screen.  Happy that those teeth didn't break my monitor.  Can we say rivals?  Can we say insane detail?  Can we say Radioactive Glow In The Dark?  Can we say Arashakage?  Can we say insane swords, sheathes and accessories?  Can we say two pack?  YES!  We can say all of this!  Available Saturday July 20th from 2-3p at Booth #5645.  That's our booth!  Sa-weet!  Signing by Les Schettkoe, the mini series Designer.  Only 500 of these buckaroos in existence and only $35.00.  Not bad for a radioactive two pack!  Woot!  Get it.  Got it.  Done.  Small qtys will be avail on our website following the SDCC release.  Grab em.

We made these.  TLS, that's us.  Under License from Hasbro, Inc.

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