We're just a few weeks out from having these babies in house.  3", multiple points of articulation, signature weapons, signature accessories, core characters, chase figures - What?!  This is crazy.  I can't believe I get to work on G.I. JOE.  My favorite toy line as a kid.  It's kind of like Christmas morning and here we are, just weeks away from delivering!  Amazing.  

What's to come?  Series One, chase figures, Series 2, environments, vehicles, special packs, exclusives, Series 3.  And, it keeps building.  I want them all!  This is one collectibles line which will find it's way into my house.  Just like a kid again.  

PS  These were designed by the ever-so-talented Les Schettkoe.  Get used to this guy's name, he's uber talented.  He'll be at our Booth in SDCC this year signing.  Shake his hand, he bites, but it doesn't break the skin.  Exclusive leaks to come.

Yo Joe!



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