I feel like it's an understatement when I express that I'm "just" proud of these large format art pieces.  I'm beyond proud.  The Large Format Kid Dragons are by far, the most beautiful and intricate pieces I have made to date.  Obvious, without the lucid and brilliant designs and paintings by Sam Flores, none of this would be possible.  I hate overloading the adjective scale with hyperbole and subjective syntax - it's kind of like telling all of your friends that 'Your Kid' is the prettiest, smartest and most talented - but hey, I mean, I'm not that far off!  I might add future Class President and perpetual mover and shaker!  All metaphors aside, this is truly a brilliant art piece - Koonsian in space - a real art sculpture that will fill a room, fill imaginations and be a much sought after art multiple for years to come.  These 5' tall sectional sculptures are $6,000.00 each.  They come with a Certificate of Authenticity penned and derived from Sam Flores' own hand.  Limited to 10 pieces, the Orange Kid Dragon Large Format Fiberglass will be available right after the New Year!  Go 2012!  Email [email protected] if interested.  Only a couple are available from the 10.

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