San Diego Comic Con 2016!

Booth #4951

Waiting on the door step (T-Minus 4 hours and counting) of another great TLS showing at SDCC!  Here are the updates and schedule (below):

If you can't make the show:  Easy breezy!  We're posting those day's exclusives on our web at the end each show day.  Schedule goes like this:  Wed, July 20th - avail at 9p PDT, Thurs-Sat (July 21st-23rd) - avail at 7p PDT and the last day Sunday, July 24th - avail at 5p.  Check our website at those times.  Limited quantities available.  Also, to throw a wrench in the mix - the on floor MOTU exclusives are different then the ones the web customers will receive.  Try to get both!  Prices are failry uniform.  All Blister carded items are $16.00.  2 Packs that are not TMNT are $25.00.  2 Packs that are TMNT are $29.00.  Tees are $15.00 - introducing our new "Cult" - NTFO or "Nerd The Freak Out!" - come get your NTFO Tee at our booth!  Only $15.00!  Also available are SDDC (Super Double Diamond Club) stickers for SDDC members - just flash your card and we'll hand over the sticker.  

Super Double Diamond Club Members - The 30% discount will already be applied when you log into your account.  Make sure you log in.  Only 1 piece per exclusive offering available at 30% discount for the SDDC members.

Here's to an awesome SDCC 2016!  Also - please check with Nickelodeon regarding sale time and details for the Raphael x Slash exclusive.  Same goes with Toys R Us for their "Tiger Force" Beach Head and Wreckage 2 pack exclusive.

Schedule of releases:

Preview Night (WED)
Donatello Single Pack – 5p
Prince Adam Single Pack – 7p

Slash + Leatherhead 2 Pak – 10a
Tiger Force Roadblock + Dusty 2 Pak – 1p
Stratos + Man-At-Arms 2 Pak– 3:30p

Michelangelo Single Pack – 10a
Baroness Red Jumpsuit Single Pack – 1p
He-Man Toy Color Single Pack – 3:30p

BeBop + Rocksteady Toy Variant 2 Pak– 10a
Snake Eyes “Classic” Toy Single Pack – 1p
Skeletor “Electric” Toy Variant Single Pack – 3:00p

Beastman + Trap Jaw 2 Pak – 10a
Leonardo Single Pack – 1p