COMIC CON!  What?  Did that really just happen?  7 days flew by.  Like it never happened.  Literally standing, walking, running, moving, greeting, laughing, smiling, sweating and loving from open to close.  Serious love fest San Diego.  Thank you for everything!  I'll get a long post up by the end of this week (I know, two weeks later but hey, Comic Con is a marathon, takes a second to recap what happened).  Thank you Joe Ledbetter (Giorgia Ledbetter), Les Schettkoe, my TLS team (Fili Seanez, Jamie Cortez, Jonathan Bird and Benny Fok), Justin Dutta, The Hasbro Crew (Alicia Bell, Luis Garcia, Nancy Braga, Sharon Swanson, Eddie Baptista, Val Roca and Michael Verrechia), the Osiris Crew (Tony Chen, Brian Reid, Hans Molenkamp and Kyle Klemetsrud) and every one of you who particpated with us in this giant love fest.  We are grateful and better off for meeting each and every one of you =)  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


The Loyal Subjects: Comic Con 2013 from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

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