Hello #TLSArmy!  Welcome to all the newcomers to the TLS Action Vinyls community!  It seems each year SDCC brings in new passionate pop culture enthusiasts into the TLS narrative – great products, loads of fun, community, trade, story telling, and high quality, memorable experiences!   TLS is a Brand first – we’re more than just products, cool little nik-naks…we’re a community, a lifestyle, a big finger poke in the eye of traditional patronizing Action Figure offerings.  That’s why YOU are cool, because you know what’s up!  We’re here to deliver the goods for a great, fun, engaging collecting experience.  This year’s SDCC was the largest on the books for TLS.  The TLS Action Vinyls community is growing exponentially.  Collectors are demanding a more fun, engaged, community driven experience with products that aren’t mush or produced in the gazillions.  We got your back! 


In the process TLS dropped 19 micro run exclusives.  The items sold on the floor or that were intended to sell on the floor were limited to 150 units, several having sold out, including the two Nickelodeon Splat exclusives featured at the Nickelodeon Booth (Tommy and Rocko)!   The exclusives that are going to Hot Topic, and the ones available on the TLS website have a foot stamp demarking “SDCC STORE” and are limited to 350 units.   Three Predators exclusives will be available with both stamps and "will be" buyers will randomly have a chance to receive an SDCC FLOOR stamped item – a fun Easter Egg, hand placed in the basket.  Pennywise is the only Convention Exclusive who missed his boat!  I guess he was too busy eating children and being a demonic disruption after eons of demonic disruptions.  Or, he was still sight seeing in China, taking in the local flavors, spreading his brand of terror around the Guangzhou Delta.  At least he’s still in character, those method acting courses paid off.  We found this fanged clown a new boat, so he’s back on track to terrorize you, this will include 150 SDCC FLOOR stamped items that will randomly thrown in carts for terror and joy.  In addition, we brought back very few of the SDCC FLOOR stamp items, those too will randomly be thrown into orders.  If you haven’t ordered here’s your chance to bag an elusive TLS SDCC FLOOR stamped item, well worth the shot.


Shipping Prices – we adjusted the shipping prices to be a more favorable friend.  I’m taking it in the teeth here, willing to cough up a few bucks to make your shopping experience a bit more rosy!  I don’t mind the bleeding gums, I’ll rub a little baking soda on the ole gums, should heal up right fast.  A breakdown of prices are outlined towards the bottom of this post.


Shipping timeline and delivery expectation – Agreed, this Blog post came late, however, we had to be ironclad sure and confident that we would be securing the most valuable information to help you with your expectation.   It took a sec to cobble together 19 micro run exclusives, with micro runs inside the micro runs, from 3 different factories, consolidating into one container, then setting sail from where the sun sets, to where our sun rises.  It’s like juggling 45 knives.  That said, these babies are on a boat, and are schedule to arrive August 21st (two short weeks!).  Yes, it’s already been two weeks!  I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, we will get these beauties to you in the next two to four weeks, depending where you place your feet in the United States or beyond International waters!  These are some of our best exclusives to dates, and they are ALL NEW LINES!  A great preview to all the wonderful lines hitting this Holiday Season:  WWE, Splat, Aliens, Predators, Horror – talk about “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” – TLS is blazing the collectible shelves, searing a smoky trail for all the Action Vinyls army builders and enthusiast this Holiday!  Operation – TLS takeover! 


Again, thank you tremendously for your patience and support.  We are working overtime to make sure we can bring you the best, affordable, quality collectibles in the timeliest manner possible!


Single blister card item = $7.00
Single window box item = $7.00
4 Blister card items = $15.00
8 Blister Card items >= $150.00 = Free Shipping!
8 Blister Card items < $150.00 = $15.00
2 windowbox items = $15.00
4 windowbox items = $18.00
Orders over $150.00 = Free Shipping!

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