Hey all!  So, there's this little tiny show that we do every year.  It's called san Diego Comic Con.  It's basicaly us, the rest of the free world and a whole lot of sparkle, enough to turn Downtown San Diego into a Film Festival, Freak Show and Fan Mecca for an entire week.  If you haven't been, I strongly encourage you to go.  Experiences galore, new friends and great people in the perfect Southern California setting (outside Los Angeles and Laguna Beach of course).  Sun Fun and Pokeman.  And of course, there's little ole' us.  The little engine that could.  The Loyal Subjects =)

We're BOOTH# 5645.  Make sure to mark us on your map.  We have some great Exclusives, starting at 11a, Thursday July 24th.   *Reference the pretty picture*.  Invisible Mirage, Red and Black Sideswipe and Smokescreen!  This is a killer three pack and we only have 500 sets to sell to you.  There will also be an online sale for those who can't make SDCC 2014.  So don't sweat non SDCC goers, we got your backs too =)  Designer Les Schettkoe will be on hand to sign and get down and dirty with all of you TLS x TRANSFORMER fans and afficionados.  These are from the Series 2 Molds and boast all sorts of nutty features and accoutrements; including ball joints, more articulation, interchageable parts and multiple accessories.  Woot woot!

We also have some great apparel available as well as the Hot Topic 5.5" Exclusives (Grimlock and Optimus Prime) as well as collector's totes and other fantastical odds and ends.  Come and enjoy the Mother of All Mother Conventions known to Mankind - SDCC.  Let's do this!

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