Friday is not just fire, it's a caldron.  July 10th is blazing at Booth #5050.  First up at 11a we have another signing with Joe Allard, series designer for TMNT.  Nunchuks, katanas and throwing stars galore!  This 4 pak blister-carded set is avail to 500 of the most worthy paduans in Master Splinter's Dojo.   Killer detail, battle tested and no worse for the wear!

Les Schettkoe is back at the podium again at 1p.  This is super heat on all levels.  The famous Construction "Yellow" Constructicon set in all it's glory!  A three pak including Bonecrusher, Longhaul and our Devastating pal Scrapper.  Scrapper comes with three sound bites, including the Transformers Theme Song!   This three pak is windowbox and only 500 avail for those brave enough to dance with 2/3rds of Devastator.
Stay tuned for the Three o'Clock and 5 o'Clock Friday July 10th drops coming tomorrow!
Mark your floor maps, booth #5050!