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SDDC Update and SDDC 2018 Renewal

Here's an update on the balance of the innaugural SDDC Goods - Skatedeck, Thundercats Lion-O + Snarf 2 pack, and Mega Man will start shipping from our facility Jan 5th.  The balance of Tees and Totes will be completed and shipped Late January.  Aliens (the last figure from the innaugural launch) will be delivered with the bulk shipment in March/April.  We've learned quite a bit this innaugural year for SDDC.  The goal is to make extremely limited products for our Members.  We are capped.  We will not add anymore memberships.  SDDC will always be a very insider TLS Club.  Although we've had some products fall behind on timing from the initial production plans, TLS keeps trucking to deliver these extremely limited goods to you, the SDDC Members.  We've learned a ton going into this second Season.  SDDC is not a money making operation for TLS, in fact, we are losing money, BUT we want our insider group to be Special.  This is a passion play and an ode to all those TLS Army faithfuls who have stood by us from Day 1.  We're happy to deliver SDDC to you guys, fueled by blood, sweat and passion from TLS.  Season 2 is special.  Here are some changes;  The pricing is rising a little more because we are losing money.  We're looking to recover simple costs in order to deliver high quality exclusives.  We are going to Consolidate shipments into 5-6 shipments total for the Season.  THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION - if you're expecting a monthly subscription SDDC is not that.  We are edging out the birthday gift (logistics are nearly impossible, but very proud of our Team for making this strange little ad-on work for most folks - I mean, what other Company do you know added "Birthday Gift" to a multi product offering?)  We are pulling tees and totes to just two of each (2 Tees, 2 Totes) - folks just aren't as excited about these items in relation to the Action Vinyls, so let's keep it real and give you guys what you want.  We're raising the price on Int'l shipping because we are literally taking a bath.  Just looking to recover costs for shipping.  The logsitics are too insane to have members trade and sell memberships - we will not honor that this Season.  Once you're locked, you're locked - NO RESELLING OR TRADING MEMBERSHIPS.  It is possible that an item can be subbed out --> Production logisitics are insane, even more insane when asking your suppliers to make micro runs when they are setup to and only want to make macro runs.  Our guys will do it but some times productions will get swapped with another production based on timing and retailer's needs....it is a possibility.  No Lay-Away this year.  We set that up for a couple guys last year and they ended up lighting us up on boards, etc.  No good deed goes unpunished.  The reality it's a logistics Sudoku - very difficult to track.  Black Friday Specials for Members only will be included.  We will make a single exclusive figure for SDDC SDCC 2018 that is ONLY available for purchase by SDDC Members.  Must show proof of membership to purchase.  We know your names!  This item will be available at a very special SDDC Price as well.  Pricing for Domestic SDDC Memberships = $225.00 + $100.00 for Shipping.  Pricing for Int'l Memberships = $225.00 + $200.00 for Shipping.  Membership renewals will be called on Jan 15th.  If you do not renew that slot will open up for another taker.  So without further ado, here is what's on the menu for Season 2 -

·      Predators

·      Splat

·      WWE

·      Game of Thrones

·      MOTU 2

·      One Punch Man

·      Ghostbusters

·      Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)

·      Skatedeck

·      2 Totes

·      2 Tees

·      Special Black Friday Discount

·      Collector’s Poster

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