Dear Loyalists; aka Our Heartbeat and Soul,

We greatly apologize in the delay on the ordered items.  TLS is growing which is a good thing.  With many heartfelt thank you's since you are the reason we are growing!  Along with the growth we have to make adjustments and one of the adjustments we made was moving our shipping facility from onsite to a larger facility offsite.  The new fulfillment center is in place to make sure orders are processed quicker from the time they are placed to when you receive your order at your door step.  Unfortunately, moving the products, creating the new process with our fulfillment partners and working out the bugs has delayed some orders in this initial transition.  We are very apologetic but please note we are investing in making this a great transition and ultimately a way better service for you.  Hopefully you'll accept our apologies during this exchange.  We will have your order out in no time.
Meanwhile, here's a coupon code for your next purchase.  A pretty substantial discount =)
LOYAL1 - please use when checking out during your next purchase.