Do you like signed things?  I do.  How about from a famous artist who has three Emmys in their possession   Well, that sounds interesting.  How about if this artist is Gary Basemanand things bearing his signature historically go up in value?  I think that's a yes.  Also, his paintings sell anywhere between $7.5k - $35k.  I think that's a double yes.

The Loyal Subjects loves to give the gifts that keep on giving.  In this case;  Gary Baseman's Kostopol Warrior.  Signed!  Some with original art/doodles!  This is huge.  This is worth buying.  This is taking a piece of pop art home with you permanently.  What a deal!  So I bet you're asking yourself, "well, how do I get this?"  Easy.  Buy a Kostopol Warrior on and you'll probably be lucky enough to be one of the few people who gets an actual signed Kostopol Warrior.  I wish I had one =.(
Even though I own the company, I'm sure I'll have to wait just like everyone else to see if I can score a signed Gary Baseman piece.  Please FATES, look upon my meek existence mercifully and bless me with good fortune!  I think I'm trying to apply the "Secret".  I just asked the Universe for one.
How about you?  Will you ask the Universe for one?  If you do, the Universe will say in a large omnipresent voice "GO TO AND PURCHASE A KOSTOPOL WARRIOR.  GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO SUCCEED AND YOU'LL MAKE NEW FRIENDS."  I love that omnipresent voice.  It's so powerful.
Good luck!
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