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Spring Cleaning Killer Sale!

"La-dee-dee-la-dee-da!"  Spring is here!  The flowers are blooming, the leaves are sprouting, dogs and cats are tap dancing, jackets are being stowed away, a fresh new batch of short sleeve shirts are making it to the top of the wardrobe heap, socks are coming off revealing some pale loafs that once resembled feet, and folks like TLS™ are clearing space in their warehouse for a new batch of Action Vinyls™ goodness.  In order to do so, we need to create an awesome sale.  Just so happens said space is being occupied by remnants of the best lines TLS (ever) had the privilege of constructing; like Power Rangers!  I believe TLS was the first Co to construct a helmet that separates in two and reveals one of the illustrious Power Rangers mugs underneath.  Also, MOTU!  Freakin’ Masters of the Universe!  One of the best and most popular TLS lines to date – packed with villains and heroes, great sculpt details, killer accessories and some really rare items!  We have some remnants of other extremely popular lines that we found in the back of our warehouse (TMNT& DBZ) as well as the best articulated My Little Pony Retro lines made to date!  If this is not enough, how about you get to mix and match any Three blindboxes for $15.00!  And the shipping is pretty cheap too (unless you live overseas – we love all you guys but man, do those shipping Co’s hit hard!)  We feel for all our Int’l customers.  If the Genie from Aladdin granted (TLS) a single wish, (we) would wish that our items would fly into your hands accompanied by a very small shipping charge.  I would also wish for world peace, an end to disease and hunger, equality for all and everyone would win the lottery at least once in their lifetime.  But, I still would wish for cheap Int’l shipping.  A very convoluted genie wish, I know, but hey, you only have one shot with the genie so might as well turn your wish into a casserole of sorts.   If the famed Three for $15.00 ain’t going to do it for ya’ (can’t see why not – rumor has it our fans went berserk when one of our favorite retailers launched a similar sale, eventually forcing the shutdown of the sale after three days and nearly 14k figures sold).  Wowzas!  Let’s see if we can do that again!   But, I digress – if three mix and match blindboxes ain’t your bag of salty chips how about these apples – 2 Humans + 1 Dragon from How To Train Your Dragon ONLY for $18.00!  Like buying a Dragon and getting two Action Vinyls™ for FREE!  That’s EPIC, like swimming in a cenote in Tulum, EPIC.  If that feel good epicness is still not enough, how about 2 Dragons for $18.00!  It’s a BOGO, yo!  Let’s do a dance, a jig, play a gig, scream to the trees, shake a dog from his fleas!  Hello Spring Time!  We love you!  So we offer this killer deal to the Gods and with their blessing we will save people a ton of money and supply them with the greatest Action Vinyls™ made to date at next to nothing!   Let’s do this Spring Breakers, Action Vinyl takers, love makers!  Offer valid now and open for one week (ONLY), and only at www.theloyalsubjects.com.  Happy hunting!





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